Welcome to the home of Cabin Fever Animation aka Scott Pleydell-Pearce.

With  20+ years experience in the animation industry i can bring an array of skills and experience to the creative table.

After an extensive art and film education spanning a 2yrArt foundation course,  a 2yr HND in film & TV prcatice course and a 2yr BA Hons graphic design course i embarked on my animated career.

This started  in 2D drawn animation working for Amblimation on feature films ( later to evolve into Dreamworks) then developed in games animation and then progressing into  directing and animating commercials for Aardman animations in Bristol, UK.  In 2008 i started on my solo career as a freelance Director/animator.

I’m always interested in making new contacts and working on new and interesting projects. Whilst my first love is cartooning and character based animation, i love to meet almost any creative challenge and relish the opportunities working as a freelancer offers me.

Being flexible is one of my strengths, i can take on whole projects and see them through to completion or work as a team member on specific tasks, both remotely or in-house in the UK and abroad. I have very strong contacts and draw upon these to bolster my skills depending on what kind of projects comes in.

I can be of service to you in a variety of ways from idea creation through to development, direction, full or partial production all the way through to delivery.


TV commercials, short films, feature visual development, web animation, visual website concept and idea development.


Animation Direction

Live action directing to mix with animation.

Character design, concept design and finished artwork.

Character, performance animation
People management
strong organisational skills
Client relationships